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Closer to the Truth

Honesty. We’ve said it many times before, but with these blog posts we need to be 100% open and honest. This post was sparked by some recent questions we received from one of our most valuable set of artists. The question was something along the lines of, “Why do kids receive so many cards? I thought it was one card to one child?”

To be honest, we can’t make any promises and we technically have NO idea how many cards are being given to each individual patient. Based on that unknown, we could say in a “worse” case scenario some of our partners could have a child who is spending a birthday or other special day in the hospital/home and they could give multiple cards to that one child in order to encourage them when they need it most. But looking into all the nonprofits we partner with and all of the hospitals we reach, that’s highly unlikely and very rare.

In a recent social post we quoted a mother who said, “He really loved reading each card, and his “card wall” makes him feel so loved and not alone….Thank you again from the bottom of my heart and for all the hope and joy you give to so many!”


In the picture you can see a combination of a wide variety of cards across his room. It’s interesting. Some people may look at that picture and say it’s great that we’re encouraging this patient when they need it most, while others may look at it and compare that to other pictures. And just to clarify, those weren’t ALL cards from us. We worked with another nonprofit to help a child who’s overcoming their condition to help that family decorate the patient’s room after some of the initial testing/procedures. The people who originally were wondering why VIPs (very important patient/person) had so many cards may begin to think of some of the other examples: