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Match Made in Heaven

It’s tough. I trust them both, but who should I follow? I did my best to combine their viewpoints and make a combined statement.

(A location we’ve donated cards to and holding some cards during an event)

For added context, I’m really close with the ladies at the post office. In fact, it’s not just me, but even the VP was talking about his awesome experience when he was hurrying to get

cards shipped down to my spot in Miami so I could take them to the RMHC South Florida and Nicklaus Children’s Hospital.

The issue with my trust of these federal employees is that I was getting two separate sets of dating advice. You see, the pattern is always the same. I meet a woman. She likes that I have a good job and that I’m close to my family. She thinks it’s cute (occasionally grows to be impressed) that I started and am running a nonprofit that’s helping children and seniors around the world. But then she gets upset that I’m not spending enough time with her within our first few weeks. She’s not the priority yet. I’ve learned she’s looking for someone with a love language of Quality Time.

When I went in for a consultation (aka shipping thousands of cards and talking with employees) at the post office in Wicker Park, the ladies there told me I probably shouldn’t bring up Cardz For Kidz until the third date. Build the connection first before I drop the bomb on her. I recall a couple of customers in line, joined in on the conversation and had other viewpoints, but they didn’t understand how often I was there. On the other hand, when I went to the late-night post office downtown, I was chatting with their employees and they voiced their input that I should tell a lady right away and if she couldn’t handle it, that wasn’t the one for me. They compared it to being a single parent and how that’s not something one should have to hide. I guess we could look at Cardz For Kidz as my child who’s been growing over the years – officially a teenager. 😉

Originally, I was hoping that I’d be able to find someone with like-minded preferences via dating sites. I was looking for teachers, medical professionals, or nonprofit employees because at least they could understand one half. Even with that approach, one lady said I was moving too fast and trying to take advantage of her when I talked about her connecting me to the volunteer department and donating cards to her hospital.

One day we received a large set of volunteers, and we outgrew our room at the bar, so we had to hold the volunteer event at our global headquarters (aka my condo). For a while it was a mixed crowd, but then the gentlemen who came together left and it ended up being myself with several ladies. During that volunteer session they came up with the idea that Cardz For Kidz should set up a “dating” event where people could come volunteer and potentially meet others. They provided lots of ideas and insights and highlighted how this would be different from the other type of networking events. I quietly listened in the other room. After speaking with some other friends, we decided that we could have an event that was open to everyone, but just have separate badges. One color would represent, “I’m single and ready to mingle,” while the other would be, “I’m just here to volunteer”.

Either way, it would be a good way for people in the area to get out, volunteer, and network. From a Cardz For Kidz perspective, we could base the objective of the event on our need at the time. If we had an influx of cards from our artists worldwide, then attendees at this local event could help us proof and package. Then if we were a bit short and/or needed to make special deliveries, our attendees would be artists and make cards throughout the event. It’d take some planning, but on top of the networking and card making we could potentially have other fundraiser aspects during the event (e.g., raffles). Therefore, this type of overall event would be a MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN since we’d be able to accomplish all our goals and our volunteers would be encouraged as well. Now I just wonder what type of badge I’ll be wearing at the time! 😉 Please subscribe to the newsletter and keep an eye on our events page to remain updated on this event!

  • Who: Everyone in the Chicagoland area

  • What: Come volunteer, make handmade encouraging cards, and network with other people in the Chicago area.

  • Where: The VIG, 1527 N Wells St, Chicago, IL 60610

  • When: Sunday, February 18 from 5-8pm

  • Why: A fun way to connect with other people in the area and make a global difference

  • How Much: Tickets will start at $15. The link to purchase tickets.

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