Do you currently accept bookmarks?

Yes! We're interested in bookmarks and the guidelines are the same as the cards. Both bookmarks and cards should be handmade, cardstock or laminated, signed with your first name and city, designed for people of all ages, something they can cherish year round, no size requirements, etc.

Are you still accepting and delivering cards during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Yes, we are! Please continue to check our social sites for updates.

Where are the cards being sent?

Your wonderful cards are being sent to hospitals, foster homes, senior living homes, patients' homes, and schools across the globe! Visit our Card Destinations page for me details.

Are you able to sign off on volunteer hours?

We are only able to sign off on supervised activities such as card counting and cards made by high school and college chapters. Visit our Student Program page learn how you can start a chapter at your school. If you live near the Chicagoland area and would like to become one of our faithful card counters, click here for more details.

How else can I get involved

There are many ways to get involved!

  1. Make Cards
    1. Host a video conference event at work
    2. Host an event with family or friends
    3. Make cards on your own
  2. Card counting (Chicagoland area only)
    1. Counting/reviewing card content
    2. Taking pictures of cards for social media pages
    3. Packaging cards for shipping
  3. Donate: Donations go towards the following
    1. ​​​​​​​Postage costs
    2. Shipping supplies (boxes, labels, tape)
    3. Art supplies
    4. Portable gaming systems that are awarded to several partner locations
Please visit our Get Involved page for more details

Do you accept digital or store bought cards?

No - we only accept handmade cards.

Do we need to include envelopes with our cards?

No. We do not need envelopes. If envelopes are sent in, we share them with other nonprofits who needs them.

Card Making Process

Are there any card/bookmark design rules?

Get as creative as you'd like! Some people like to create abstract pieces, trace, or even cut out pictures from magazines Please visit our Create Cards page for more details.

Do you accept holiday specific cards?

Many of the people we serve have lasting conditions. So general uplifting cards are preferred so that your cards can be cherished year round.

Do you only need cards in English?

We need cards in many different languages! Below are the current languages needed with more requests coming in! For other languages besides English, please label the bag or attach a note with the language on the cards. There has been an increased demand for cards in Spanish, Arabic, Somali, Italian and Romanian.

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. Arabic
  4. Somali
  5. Russian
  6. Romanian
  7. Vietnamese
  8. Korean
  9. Chinese - Mandarin
  10. French
  11. Portuguese
  12. Creole
  13. Chinese – Cantonese
  14. Samoan
  15. Polish
  16. Kinyarwandi
  17. Italian
  18. Marshallese
Please visit the Create Cards page for more details.

Post Card Making Process

Where do I send the completed cards?

Cardz For Kidz 516 North Ogden #177 Chicago, IL 60642

Where do I send pictures taken while making cards?

Email pictures of smiling artists with their cards, including video conference screenshots, to makecardzforkidz@gmail.com You can also tag us on your social media posts using these hashtags: #UpliftingSpirits #CFKVolunteer #EveryCardCounts Check out the Create Cards page for more details.

Will I be notified when my cards are received?

If you include your email address with your cards, we will send you an automated email once your cards have been sorted and counted. cardzforkidz.org/solemnly-swear/

Should I send my cards in individual plastic bags?

Please place your cards in one large, sealable zip lock bag before placing in shipping envelope or box. This helps to keep the cards safe during the shipping process. Check out our Create Cards page for more details.

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