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Volunteer Spotlight: Christine Strong (Interview)

Meet Christine Strong, this month's Volunteer Spotlight!🌟 In just a little over a year, Christine has created almost 700 cards, participated in fundraising events, and assisted in the processing of thousands of cards to spread happiness to those who need it. We asked her some questions, and we're excited to share her story with you. Thank you for making a difference, Christine!

  1. Can you briefly introduce yourself and share how long you've volunteered with Cardz For Kidz?

    1. My name is Christine. I have been a crafter for many years. I began paper crafting about 18 years ago (give or take) and really enjoy making cards for family and friends. I have also been making cards for different groups on and off during my crafting journey. I have been volunteering with Cardz For Kidz for a little over a year.

  2. What inspired you to start volunteering with Cardz For Kidz?

    1.  I was inspired to start volunteering for Cardz For Kidz after seeing a video by May May Made It. I was really excited that this organization was practically in my backyard.

  3. Could you share a particularly memorable experience you've had while volunteering with us?

    1. A particularly memorable experience I had while volunteering was during a card-making event. A new volunteer looked a little overwhelmed at the prospect of creating cards, so I gave him some cards I had made to put a message in. Soon, he relaxed and was making some very colorful, cheerful cards. There is a lot of love in these card-making (and card-counting) events, and it's great to see how contagious it becomes.

  4. What specific tasks or projects have you been involved in?

    1. I have been involved in card counting events for sorting and packing. It's wonderful to see the creativity of so many different contributors. I have also been involved in two card-making events; those are my favorites.

  5. What are some of the most rewarding aspects of volunteering with Cardz For Kidz?

    1. It is very rewarding to be hands-on in sorting and distributing the wonderful cards/artwork collected by this organization. I get to see so much creativity and be part of passing it on.

  6. How do you feel your volunteering efforts have made a difference, either to the organization or to the recipients of the cards?

    1. I would like to think that the cards I make send a little love and sunshine to people and put a smile on a face or two. I hope that my participation in Cardz For Kidz events has helped in their mission to uplift spirits across the globe.

  7. Is there anything else you'd like to share about your volunteering experience or any messages of gratitude you'd like to extend to others involved in the organization?

    1. I am very grateful to be able to volunteer for Cardz For Kidz. I have made friends, been able to enjoy my hobby and give it some direction (I'm usually asking Ike for "homework"--what type of cards are needed) and be part of something bigger than myself.


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