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Who You’re Telling

Here’s a brief story about a “special” taxi ride:


One day back in April 2013, I left work and tried to catch a cab to the Bulls game. As many of you know, it can be tough finding a cab downtown, during rush hour. After about 10-15 minutes a cab pulls up, but by this time there was also a young lady waiting for a cab as well. Trying to be a nice guy, I told her that she can have the cab and that I’ll just catch the next one. She was so appreciative of the gesture that she offered to share the cab. It turns out that she was going to the Bulls game as well! Because of her kindness, I told her that I would expense the cab ride.

During the ride, we chatted about our jobs and what we enjoyed doing in our free time. As I began to talk about my interest and position with Cardz for Kidz! she mentioned that her company, Roundarch Isobar, would love to participate. That quarter they held a simultaneous event with their Chicago, Boston and New York offices.

Now here’s the most interesting part. In Q4 2013, participants produced a total of 1,390 cards. At the end of the quarter it turned out that Roundarch produced 4 of the overall Top 10 cards. It’s wild to think that if I didn’t mention the organization, there would have been 164 children who wouldn’t have received a card to brighten their day. A perfect mix of quality and quantity!


Now we just ask you to spread the word. Okay- maybe your cab ride results may not be as powerful, but you never know WHO YOU’RE TELLING. Maybe they’ll be responsible for creating more world renowned cards! 🙂

Overall Top 10

Top 10 from Isobar’s Offices

We’re actually not 100% sure there’s a Detroit office. We just noticed the return address on one of the packages was from Detroit and there were a BUNCH of quality cards! 🙂

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