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We All Are!

Who’s in first? It seems like it is always changing! One quarter College Students are the top participants (Q3 2013 – 375 cards). Then, out of nowhere, the next quarter is dominated by B to B companies (i.e. Q4 2013 – 449 cards). One consistent trait is that independent contributors have always been pretty stable!

As of February 2014, here’s the breakout for the different segments:

Among those participants here are the top producers (as of 2/18/14):

  1. Grade School:

    1. Mayfield Junior School – 250 Quality Cards

  2. College or Above:

    1. DePaul – 628 Quality Cards

  3. Community Group:

    1. Little Brothers- Friends of the Elderly – 100 Quality Cards

  4. B to B Company:

    1. Ogilvy Chicago – 395 Quality Cards

  5. B to C Company:

    1. Quicken Loans – 163 Quality Cards

  6. Independent:

    1. One family who wished to remain anonymous – 175 Quality Cards

In a previous post we were trying to see who benefits the most from all these cards. It was a tossup, but it seems that everyone involved is happy. Thankfully the children who received cards or “artists” who made cards have enjoyed the experience. What we’re excited about is that sooo many people have participated!

Now if someone looks over the statistics and says, “wow over 6,000 delivered. That’s a lot of cards! Who’s responsible for all those?” Our response can be “We All Are”!

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