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We Agree

“No! I disagree!”

That was the first part of our conversation with one of our trusted advisers. This was sparked when we highlighted our first “big” donation to a hospital….a standard DVD player. They highlighted how they still have all their old school Disney movies AND some of their overall favorite movies on VHS. So when it came time to consider getting a DVD player, they disagreed. Later we asked if they had DVD player. Turns out they had a DVD/Blue Ray player. And owned the majority of those movies on DVD and/or blue ray.

“I just think that money should go to hospital supplies!” We definitely agree that gloves, gowns, medication, etc are all essential. The only thing is that our overall goal is to uplift the spirits of these children. We strive to take their mind off their condition by doing fun things such as opening a card or watching a DVD; able to simply tap one button and automatically skip a “scary” scene in a movie.

We’re thankful that some of the hospitals we partner with have the latest systems in their playroom and independent TVs for each room. That’s soooo important. But it’s a shame, that although there are multiple patients in a room, some hospitals don’t have a TV in any of the patients’ rooms. So we’re going to focus on partnering with some of the smaller hospitals we send cards and provide them with “fun activities”. Here are pictures from one of the playrooms:

At that hospital they only have a VCR in their playroom with VHS tapes. We learned they have a partnership with Disney. Based on that they have some DVDs, but those can only be played on the two “mobile” TVs with video game systems that can play discs.

So although a trusted adviser doesn’t think that we should spend money uplifting spirits with electronics, We Agree that we can continue to find ways to brighten these kids’ day. Here’s a pic of the staff holding the brand new DVD player, as well as, posing with some cards.

Now we just need to make sure they have the best movie of all time, The Lion King!….yeah we’re a bit biased…. but the adviser who disagreed has it too!!

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