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UKG's Impact

UKG is a software company that is on a mission to inspire every organization to become a Great Place to Work through technology built for all. They say it loud and clear on their website: “Our purpose is people.” Specifically, they develop HR, payroll, and workforce management solutions, which benefits companies and employees as a whole. Their presence goes far beyond the workplace and into communities across the globe, supporting organizations in the areas of health, human services, and education. Their positive influence has impacted Cardz For Kidz for many years.

After many years of hosting card making events at in-person and virtual team meetings, offsite events with customers and even an executive card making session, UKG became a Bronze Sponsor of our organization. Their contributions have supported us in various ways like helping cover our shipping expenses, and helping us deliver a portable gaming system to a mutual nonprofit partner. These systems enable patients and families who cannot leave their rooms to be entertained as well. Our passion is reaching those kids confined to their rooms which is why all our partners promise to deliver the cards room to room, and such systems can encourage kids at the bedside too.

The very first system was delivered to Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital in Hollywood, Florida. Their next system is in the works to be sent to a nonprofit in the New England area. Thankfully, they are not only contributing financially, but they are also creating cards. To this day, UKG has made over 1,000 cards and counting!

In summary, their valuable donations (both monetary and cards) make it possible for us to reach and encourage people worldwide. We are extremely grateful for the unending support UKG has shown us in the past several years, in so many various ways. We know that their contributions will continue to touch lives around the world.

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Written by Hyejin Lim, RN

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