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Too Consistent

“Okay now I’m just confused.”

“Here’s this group I’ve never heard of making all these name changes!”

People are still trying to learn the spelling of Cardz for Kidz! (Z rather than S) and we’re adding on more elements! Yes…we understand it’s confusing because we’re adding so much before we even launched a website. But even with those questions we’re still making sure we have all THREE Cardz __ Kidz!:

  1. Cardz FORKidz!: This is our #1 focus. The goal is to get homemade/custom cards into children’s hands while they’re going through difficult periods or events. This can range from children battling cancer to students impacted by a school shooting. Also, one of the locations we have sent cards to on a quarterly basis, Orangewood Foundation, is a safe haven for kids who have been physically or sexually abused. So no matter how many more services we add (i.e. art boxesor even scholarships in the future) our title will not change.

  1. Cardz FROMKidz!: We’re partnering with a couple of locations where we can reach “solemn seniors”. We’ve sent a total of 93 cards to elder residents of Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly and Salvation Army Booth Manor. Thankfully they’ve replied with a total of 162 cards. So we’re making sure child participants have the option to reach seniors or other children.

  1. Cardz WITHKidz!: This is our way of “rewarding” hard work. Since we’re still in the growth phase we can’t provide any type of special/expensive “gift” for amazing art projects. As our reward we invite the top artists (if we can get a hold of them) to come make cards with patients and their families at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago.

Two consistent themes throughout the names are Cardz and Kidz. Our overall goal is to impact children. This can range from them feeling encouraged knowing their helping someone’s grandma, all the way to them believing they received a gift from a friend. We’ll always associate with two things, Cards and Kids, because we believe there’s no such thing as Too Consistent!

To see more pictures and stories please check out our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter , visit our Google+ page, or visit our LinkedIn page! Also, the websites coming soon,!!


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