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Told You So!

Since you don’t interact with the hospitals’ Child Life staff, see the patients or hear from recipients of our special deliveries, we want to provide a brief glimpse of how people feel about your work!

Here are quotes that we’ve heard from members of the Child Life staff:

· “Thank you so much for the cards you sent over to Advocate Children’s Hospital in Park Ridge. The cards bring holiday cheer to the hospitalized children and something so simple brighten the days of the kids as well as their parents. Thank you for your partnership in making the hospital experience a more positive one for the children here. The holidays are a difficult time for any child to be in the hospital and we appreciate your partnership in this way. Happy New Year!” –Advocate Children’s Hospital

· “We think they are adorable and that our patients will really enjoy them. 🙂 We see kids of all ages and I think these cards will brighten up their stay. I know our patients get very excited when they receive mail. :)” –Children’s Hospital of Illinois

· “Thank you so much for the wonderful cards you made for our patients here at Children’s Hospital University of Illinois. The children loved receiving them yesterday!! It helps to brighten up their rooms and puts smiles on their faces. Thanks for thinking of the patients here at CHUI, we greatly appreciate it!!” –Children’s Hospital University of Illinois

· “Thank you so much for thinking of the patients and families at Rainbow, especially the ones who cannot leave their rooms. I think this is such an amazing idea. – Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital

· “Thank you so very much for making and organizing a group to make such wonderful greeting cards. Our patients here at RIC really appreciate them. It means so much that they are handmade and done with care. It is very kind of you to spend your time giving back to others!” – Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

Here are some quotes from patients and their families:

  1. “AWWW She’s going to be so excited to put these in their scrapbook!!!” – Grandmother of twins in the NICU chats about how her daughter will love their custom cards! – 4/28/2013

  2. (sigh of relief) “Thank you thank you, this is just what we needed” daughter, aka patient, passionately nods her head in agreement– Thankful mother describes how the cards are cute and are uplifting their spirits during their current trial – 9/15/2013

Here are some quotes from special delivery destinations

· “Thank you Cardz for Kidz for the joy you brought to this third-grade class in Benin!” – Director of the Dagbé Organization

· “Thank you so much for all those beautifully decorated cards and snowflakes! They were absolutely gorgeous and the most wonderful spirit-lifters for all these children at Sandy Hook.” – Mother of a Sandy Hook Elementary School Student

So yes yes, we understand that a picture is worth a thousand words, but we wanted to provide you those 472 words to show you that you are TRULY appreciated. You’re making a difference; if you don’t believe what we’re saying just read what’s written above…..just know our response will be, we TOLD YOU SO! More to come!

To see more comments and learn about events check out our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter @cardzforkidz


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