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They Are Special


Now that we started fundraising we decided to dedicate some of our funds to purchasing art supplies and little boxes for some of our hospitals. How it’ll work is that when kids get admitted, they can immediately get a little plastic box that will have glue sticks, construction paper, markers, and supplies to make necklaces. Our goal is to help these kids feel special, even if we’re unable to deliver a card at that time. Also, in the future we’ll work to raise funds to help update some of the fun equipment in hospitals.

Our volunteer work has shown that children are DEFINITELY happier in playful settings that keep them active and interested. Our hope is to eventually meet that need for hospitals by identifying their specific needs for art supplies and to secure fun equipment to make the hospital stay kid friendly. We will work to make sure the child’s needs for fun are met.

In summary, our overall goal is to make sure the children know that THEY ARE SPECIAL no matter the size of their hospital.

If you would like to participate in helping please feel free to make a tax deductible donation. Here’s a link to make your donation:

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