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What’s the #1 reason that children are in the hospital?

Often we think of the tragedies that harm adults. Due to the incidence of adults that pass away from those, we expect there to be a similar correlation with children. To be honest, Cardz for Kidz! staff was under a similar assumption at first as well. During our 150+ hours volunteering at different pediatric hospitals we learned about several of the well-known floors.

For example, while looking through the different floors at Lurie Children’s Hospital it’s clear that there are A LOT of reasons why kids are in the hospital:

§ 14 – Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

§ 15 – Cardiac Care Unit

§ 16 – Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

§ 17 & 18 – Cancer and Blood Disorders

§ 19 – Acute Care, Neurological

§ 20 – Acute Care, Post-Surgery and Post-Transplants

§ 21st General Medical, Infectious Disease, Pulmonary, Allergy & Medical Observation Unit

While looking through third party research we learned that the #1 reason that most children pass away is through unintentional injuries. In addition, we learned that fallingis actually one of the most frequent ways that kids are sent to the ER.

So although us here at Cardz for Kidz!