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Not Guilty

Our ideal comment on Facebook was, “… it was one of the most relaxing lunch hours ever. We turned on Pandora, ate pizza and made cards. I encourage you to coordinate an event at your office as well.” Relaxing, encourage, easy, fun…those are the most important words rather than the words, Cardz, for, and Kidz.

Cardz for Kidz! analyzes our “performance” on the total amount of smiles rather than the overall social buzz and media coverage! Thankfully, based on YOUR cards we’ve produced nearly 10,000 smiles.

An “artist” posing with the card she made during the Pledge Allegiance event and the patient at Mott Children’s Hospital covering her smile because she received her favorite card.

One may think:

Q: You first started creating cards in 2010, but the Nurses, Patients, Families, and “Artists” don’t know your name. In fact, I still can’t remember Cardz for Kidz! is spelled with a ‘z’ rather than a ‘s’! How come??

A: We are not striving for additional attention. We simply need cards.

As of 11:05pm on September 2, 2014 here were our social statistics:

  1. Facebook Fans: 608

  2. Twitter Followers: 81