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Locally Grown

If you follow our social media, you’ll see all types of posts that talk about some of our international deliveries. This ranges from mailing special packages to Europe to having volunteers carry packages with them to various countries in Africa.

Map showing our delivery locations across Australia

Map showing our delivery locations across Europe

Kids with their English cards in South Africa

Kids with their French cards in Benin

We’re living up to our #AcrossTheGlobe portion of our mission statement and utilizing that hashtag we love! But just like we always do in our blog posts, it’s time for us to be 100% open and honest.

Yes, we have made deliveries to 20+ countries. Yes, we are striving for ways to increase our partnerships with more countries so we can ship cards on a consistent basis. And no, South America we have not forgotten about you. We pinky promise when we get more cards in Spanish and a steady way to ship the cards we’ll start adding some smiles to that portion of our map. If you don’t believe us, please ask Dell EMC and University of Florida’s modern language department. They’ll tell you how we’re working on the Brazilian Portuguese cards!

South America Map as of 6/3/2018

We’re highlighting all that global delivery today, but we understand that the vast majority of the cards we receive are coming from individuals here in the USA. That ranges from corporation events to independent artists making cards in their free time. Based on those contributions, we can say that we’ll never forget about kids here in the United States of America. Even though we have steady partnerships in Mexico, Canada, Portugal, Australia, and Haiti, over 90% of our cards have been delivered to kids in the USA.

We’re expanding across the globe and consistently finding ways for people to #carryabitmoreand #hadtosaysomethingsince some groups are helping us ship more across the globe, but we won’t forget that we were LOCALLY GROWN and we do need to continue to take care of the kids in North America! Thanks for your cards!

To see more pictures and stories, please check out our website; like us on Facebook; follow us on Twitter and Instagram; visit our Google+ or LinkedIn pages! Also, check out some of our videos on YouTube!


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