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Let’s Not Forget

Still to this day we remember hearing one of the volunteers chat about how they got into a fight with Snow White at the hospital. Don’t remember all the details, but it was something about who is thebest Disney princess of all time….definitely something worth fighting about! For more of the setting, the hospital had a schedule for people dressed up as Disney princesses to come in and play with the kids.

Disney princesses, something kids love!

Then again there are other fabulous things that kids love (i.e. One Direction – there’s one company in particular who loves to make cards with those boys on it).

But during this past week, instead of strictly shipping cards to hospitals one of our team members went room to room and delivered them at a local hospital.

Here’s his story:


“The hardest part about ‘blindly’ delivering cards room to room is you’re not able to ‘prepare’. So I was able to ‘cheat’ a couple times because I saw the family in the activity area and was able to check to see which room they were visiting (one young girl had 10+ cousins in the family center – she got the ‘perfect’ card). For safety reasons patients names were not on the door, so for the most part I simply walked up to the room, knocked on the door, then stepped in. Since I didn’t have a census for each floor I wasn’t sure if there would be a boy or girl in the room and also didn’t know their age!

Based on my repertoire it was definitely the easiest when I stepped in and both the mother and young girl looked at me and said “HI MISTER!” I could simply reach in, grab a pink card and hand it to the child. Smiles all around. The tough part was walking into the room of a patient who had more facial hair than I did. Or walking into a room where when I stepped in the Grandma or mother moved in closer to the patient because one needed to be the translator.”


Something that we truly believe and will continue to be one of our hash tags is Every Card Counts. No matter what the language or what’s in it, the card is truly important since a child will receive it. BUT based on stories from volunteers and employees we understand that we need a couple more cards that young males, 13+ would enjoy. Also….¡necesitamos más tarjetas en Español! One time we delivered 20 cards to a hospital and only one of them was in Spanish. They immediately wrote back and thanked us for the Spanish card! J

So yes. We agree. It’s great that folks can passionately express their dedication to Belle in an enthusiastic conversation with Snow White while Cinderalla listens in the background, but LET’S NOT FORGET the young men in the hospital. Let’s make some “manly” cards. And equally important, let’s remember some of the patients who cannot speak English.

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