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….Happily Ever After!

Our goal at Cardz for Kidz! is to make this process easy and fun for everyone involved!! Over these past few years we’ve learned that this program impacts LOTS of people. We are going to describe a couple of the key “winners” and we’d LOVE to get your opinion.

In your opinion, who do you think benefits the most from this organization’s deliveries to hospitals?

· Rushed Participants. People who would love to give back to their communities, but based on their busy lives they do not have time to participate. By participating in these quarterly events they feel AMAZING knowing that they’re able to directly impact the life of a disheartened child.

· Restored Patients. Often pediatric patients don’t realize that people outside of the hospital are thinking about them or even care for them. These cards make them realize they are special AND cherished rather than weird and forgotten.

· Relieved Families. Families often feel helpless and discouraged when their attempts to uplift the patients’ spirits are unsuccessful. But they feel encouraged when they see the patients’ smile because someone across the country made them a card to let them know they are special.

· Reinforced Employees. Often doctors and nurses are rushed between rooms and/or surrounded by children who are crying or silent. Often they will see their patients’ spirits pick up before or after the procedure due to their reward, a handmade card.

· Resourced Staff. Many of the hospitals with either Child Life and/or Volunteer Resource departments are looking for ways to encourage their kids. These two departments are able to collect the cards and personally watch the children’s spirits brighten up.

· Rewarded Creators. Cardz for Kidz! staff are the ONLY people who get to see AND experience all the happiness; they interact with all involved.

All of these people are important to us, but what do you think??

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