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Efficient Ways

Now that we’re a certified 501(c)(3) non-profit we need to keep track of our expenses a bit more. Some may say we should simply keep these details amongst the board, but we’re dedicated to being 100% open.

Here are some expenses:

  1. Logo Design[1]– $0.00

  2. Legal Fees for Preparing State and National Paperwork[2]– $0.00

  3. Introductory and Participation Videos[3]– $0.00

  4. Smile Video[4]– $0.00

  5. Managing Social Media[5]– $0.00

  6. Promotional Advertising to Reach New Companies[6]– $0.00

But don’t get us wrong, unfortunately this isn’t all free. For example, it’s only been slightly over a month and we’ve already spent over $80 in shipping this quarter.

Based on our desire to keep costs down, if you check out our website you’ll notice that currently there’s a page missing,

While taking a closer look we realized that there were a lot of background fees which were hindering our ability to provide other types of goods and services to the children (DVD Players& Art Supplies). So temporarily we decided to pause that page.

On a positive note, our overhead costs (i.e. annual government paperwork) and prior fixed costs (i.e. building our website) have made us extremely thankfulfor PHD’s Big Hug Event, folks who attended the Pledge Allegiance event, and individual donors.

In the future we’ll get the page up and running again, but in the present we’ll continue to find EFFICIENT WAYS to uplift spirits!

[1]Thanks Arron Davis! Still shocked by how fast you did it!

[2]Thanks to Grace Aduroja, Ndu Ozor and Veronica Farley-Seybert. Don’t know how you did it!

[3]Thanks Adrian Aras, we’re still impressed!

[4]Thanks Dave Harrison, we’re so happy!

[5]Don’t know what we’d do without free times on the weekend and Hootsuite. Thanks Andrea Zimmer for teaching us about it

[6]That’s all you! 100% of new participants have been reached via word of mouth!


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