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E. All of the Above

While looking through our records it’s clear a wide array of groups have participated in Cardz for Kidz!. It ranges from elementary school kids making some during indoor lunch recess on a rainy day, to global companies hosting large corporate events.

We promise each hospital that we’ll give them enough cards for each one of their patients at least once a quarter. We understand that people get busy at different times so not many groups can Arrowstream–it and make a card every quarter. Therefore, we always need to connect with new potential participants in order to get more cards.

Below are some different groups we’ve reached out to; each had a different reason to make cards:

  1. College students who want to relax after their exam and preparing for their date party that week.

  2. Teachers and Professors who are busy and potentially stressed prepping for upcoming classes and reviewing prior assignments.

  3. Community group leaders who are interested in giving back to their communities in many ways, but are on tight budgets.

  4. Employees at big or small companies who are interested in impacting their immediate community, connecting with colleagues, and improving the company’s image.

Those groups may all be interested in different aspects of Cardz for Kidz! and may not care as much about other portions. So during some of our tweets or flyers we’ve been debating on how we should “position” ourselves.

Which one of these works best classifies the card making experience?

a) Fun

b) Easy & Relaxing

c) Inexpensive

d) Impactful

Thankfully making cards for kids in hospitals with friends is a lot of fun. Also, since all you need to do is gather art supplies, you can hold an “event” anywhere and anytime. It’s pretty easy to put together a relaxing event. Then again, it’s important that one does not need to make ANY type of donation or long term commitment to get involved – real inexpensive. But let’s not forget that since each card is delivered room to room and there are hospitals across the country participants are making a big impact.

With all those reasons to participate, we’d have to say E. ALL OF THE ABOVE. Making cards is something that everyone can do since its fun, easy, not expensive, and you’re making an impact! Thankfully we can remind everyone in a special way why they should get involved

Here’s a special quote from a vital part of Cardz for Kidz!.:

Why do you think Cardz for Kidz!. is important?

“It reminds kids that someone is thinking about them and makes them feel less isolated. It’s a fun way to bring people together to do something beyond them.” – Rachel; artist and nurse – connected us to our hospital in Haiti, a potential hospital in Denver and works at one of our key hospitals in Chicago.

To see more pictures and stories please check out our website, like us on Facebook page, follow us on Twitter , visit our Google+ page, or visit our LinkedIn page! Also, check out some of our new videos on Youtube!


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