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Cardz BY Kidz!

It’s the thought that counts…..right? We agree! When we chat with people about making new cards we often hear, “Oh I can’t! I’m definitely not creative at all!” Or for some people who are less hard on themselves when asked if they’re creative reply, “hmmm not so much!” All we have to say is don’t be so hard on yourself. We distinctly remember going into one child’s room and apologizing that the card didn’t turn out the way the designer thought and the young boy interrupted us and said “I can tell he tried really hard.” These kids truly appreciate ALMOST everything and anything….. Almost being the key word.

Now that we have Cardz FROM Kidz! we’re continually looking for ways to get more kids making more cards. It’s often real cute seeing how hard some kids try! During one of our recent shipments we asked for backup from specialists; a pediatric doctor and a woman who has worked with children for over 35 years. We worked together to “translate” a large stack of cards that were created by young students. Our favorite “translation” was sprize (surprise). Only took a second for that one.

So it’s not a problem if there are spelling or grammar issues. For example, we could tell Jaden tried hard on his card and the fact that he switched up the ‘A’ and ‘I’ makes the card even cuter!

Now the one thing that we need to be careful of is WHAT the kids write in their cards. If you check out any of our social media (including blogs) or our mission statement on our website, two words you’ll consistently see our UPLIFTING and SPIRITS. We want the kids and their families to feel special and to be more encouraged by our cards. Therefore, teachers, parents, counselors, group leaders, or anyone else working with kids, please please double check the cards to make sure the content is uplifting! Here’s an example of a card that we won’t be able to give to a child.

Although it does include “We are my best friend” and “I am your friend” we had to dispose of it. The spelling of tigers is not a problem either, it’s just the “or you skinny-No or you fat- Yes”. Then we’re not so sure we need to tell other children that this artists conveys that they “lik u to go to the bathroom”.

So yes, we agree it’s the thought that counts’, it’s just we understand we have to be careful with what they’re thinking when it’s Cardz BY Kidz!.

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