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Both Inside and Out

“You’re beautiful both inside and out.” That’s definitely one of the most uplifting compliments of all time. Gentlemen, if you’re trying to uplift the spirits of a longtime girlfriend or possibly attract a new crush, that’s a phrase to remember.

We agree. We use that phrase all the time but we say “You’re valuable both inside and out.” And by that we’re referring to the children both inside and outside of the United States. But let’s be honest, clearly we are focused on the US. 97% of our cards have been delivered within the United States and since Cardz for Kidz! originally started in Illinois the majority of our hospitals are located in this state. 69% of cards were delivered to hospitals in IL.

But now we’re growing. Not including the United States, we’ve sent cards to 5 separate countries in 4 different languages and we’re looking to expand. As of 2/10/2014 we’ve sent 192 cards globally. We understand that these children are truly excited to receive these gifts from their “friends” in the United States.

Children in Benin

Patient in Haiti

Children in Ghana

We definitely want to make sure that each hospital here in the US has more than enough cards to impact all of their patients, we would love for your help to reach even more children. We want to want to make sure kids Both Inside and Out of the US feel loved!

To see more pictures and stories please check out our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter , visit our Google+ page, or visit our LinkedIn page!


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