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50% - Birthday

These days you'll see me making all types of live videos from doctor's appointments (e.g., but not everyone realizes how much things have changed.

Before any of that was possible, I NEEDED encouragement and for things to be put in perspective while waiting for my surgery. Thankfully, all of that happened while volunteering at Mott Children's Hospital the summer of my brain surgery,

During that time, I met an engaging 3-year-old patient named Paige. She put everything in perspective and was very encouraging. When you’re getting ready for brain surgery, or any major medical issue, it’s a combination – 50% overcoming physical obstacles and 50% overcoming mental obstacles. After seeing how she handled her trip to the hospital, my emotional setbacks were ‘All Done’ - I knew if she could overcome her situation and return to playing, I could do the same. I was at least 50% there.

It’s interesting to look back and see some of the similarities and a couple of key differences from those days. A key difference is that she’s overcome epilepsy and doesn’t have the same condition. A key similarity is that Paige will always be a hero and a source of strength. Now here’s where I’d love your help: I ask A LOT of my friends, family, coworkers, etc. to do Facebook birthday fundraisers for Cardz For Kidz, but very few of them follow through. We have even used some of the free advertising dollars we got from Facebook to create the ad below and asked people to start running birthday fundraisers, and we haven’t received that many (thanks to everyone who did).

Without any special requests and/or reminders, my hero, Paige, setup a Facebook birthday fundraiser for Cardz For Kidz - As soon as I saw it, I donated and made sure that she was at least 50% to her goal. I remember. I’m thankful. If you can, please contribute as well.


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