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Smile From Amazon

Like most of the population, COVID-19 is always on our mind. Over the last two quarters, we increased the number of sent cards by 4,000, all of that with significantly less counting and sorting volunteers. Many of our partners have also been stretched thin. Our friends at Ronald McDonald House Charity in New Zealand, had to close. Additionally, our essential worker friends at the Post Office shared with us how exhausted they are from the increased shipping demands, as of late. We’ll try to improve things on our side in the meantime and with your help, we can do that!

We know Amazon donates to nonprofits and that many of you are itching to help them give back! Some of you may have seen several of our posts over the past few years asking people to use Amazon Smile and select Cardz for Kidz!  as your preferred charitable organization. Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchases to Cardz for Kidz!  or another charity of your choice. We have tried banners on our social media pages, Thank You posts when people shop, and even word-of-mouth “advertising”/reminding. Based on everything that’s going on today, we figured we would give it another try. This time we have included easy to follow, step-by-step, instructions on how you can join the fun. 


Our recommended way is to simply bookmark this link – If you use Amazon Smile enough, Amazon will begin to remind you if you do not go to the Smile site. If you don’t have the link above here are the steps:

  1. Visit

  2. Search for ‘Cardz for Kidz’ under “Or pick your own charitable organization:”

  3. Confirm – once that’s settled you will be able to track how much you’ve raised for Cardz for Kidz!

iPhone App:

  1. If you currently have the Amazon App, the first thing you need to do is delete that from your phone. In order to do that, press down on the icon until it shakes. Then tap the “x” in the left corner to confirm you want it removed. This is simply removing the application and does not impact your Amazon account or the purchases/settings that you have already saved.

  2. Open the Safari internet browser and go to

  3. Touch the ‘share’ button on the bottom of your phone’s screen

  4. Tap the ‘Add to Home Screen’ icon. Depending on the layout and the amount of icons you have, you may need to swipe left a couple times to see the new icon you created.

  5. ALL SET. You can now use that shortcut the same way you used the prior Amazon

Actual Screenshot. We did it. We know it works! 😊

Android App:

  1. Download and/or update to the latest version of the Amazon Shopping app

  1. Top left, click the bars next to Amazon and scroll down to ‘Settings’

  2. If you had Amazon Smile setup on your prior account, it should link to a nonprofit already

  3. Select ‘Turn on Amazon Smile

  1. Select ‘Get Started’, ‘Next’

  2. Turn on your selected notifications

  3. ‘Turn on Amazon Smile’ – just to confirm

  4. ALL SET.

Another real-life screenshot to prove it worked. Are you surprised that Amazon is recommending we buy art supplies?!?! 😊

Sorry, we tried researching and asking around to see if there was any way that one could use Amazon Smile using Alexa, but we haven’t found an answer to that yet. We’ll definitely keep looking and listening.

Even though there may be some back and forth discussions on whether or not Amazon is giving enough to nonprofits based on how much they’re bringing in, just know that we are truly thankful for all the help and donations we receive. It would be a DREAM come true to receive a SMILE FROM AMAZON by being listed as one of their spotlight charities. But we’ll stay realistic for now and hope everyone follows the steps above and selects us when they use Amazon!

To see more pictures and stories, please like us on Facebook; follow us on Twitter and Instagram; visit our LinkedIn page! Also, check out some of our videos on YouTube!

please note – intentionally linked everything Amazon to our Amazon Smile page – 😊


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