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Love Lines

  1. “You…complete me.” & “You had me at ‘hello.’” —Jerry Maguire

  2. “As you wish.” —The Princess Bride

  3. “It was always you.” —Jumper

  4. “I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.” —Notting Hill

We were sitting at the airport on our way to donate a GO Kart and we started to ask some of the people sitting around us at a café what they thought was the perfect love line from a movie. The quotes listed above were some of the examples that we heard. Those were pretty good ideas, but we still didn’t think they were quite right.

Yes, we’ve expressed our love for Taylor’s dream woman before (#loverhermore), but we wanted to do it again. And this time, we wanted to express how we found someone who’s been special in a unique way. This time, it’s someone who’s not only been there around the clock but been there “around the way” as well. Okay, maybe that second phrase didn’t quite make sense, but what we mean is that she’s been helping in a variety of ways. It’s not just the diversity of her contributions, but how in-depth those contributions are that made us approach strangers and spark some giggles at the airport (FYI—it was the gentleman who was able to think of the lines first. After moving to our gate, we hit the jackpot and sat next to a woman who had a bunch quotes to share).

Now you may be wondering why we’re talking about someone being so special, so we’ll explain why Sarah from Minnesota is so special. We know we’ve written some longer blog posts in the past, so we’ll try to limit this one; “try” being the key word.

We touched on it in prior blogs, in social posts and in emails, but we’re always looking for cards in a variety of languages. Thankfully, Sarah continually steps up and contacts people to help us find out how we can get cards in the specific language(s) we need. Not just the languages that we need for her local area, but also for our hospital/homes around the world. If you visit our blog post, Nope, I’m All Set, she provided those posts in Somali and Portuguese. She takes her research and updates other people that are part of the Facebook group so they can help make these cards too.

In addition, she’s gotten some of her friends and coworkers to join in and make encouraging homemade cards for our children. Since we’re not spending any money on advertising, this type of word-of-mouth advertising is essential.

Next, we’re grateful for how faithfully she helps us out. She’s been using some of her different contacts in Minnesota to connect with different hospitals and/or Ronald McDonald Houses to see if they would like to receive cards.

Sorry—we can’t really tell you about the other ways she’s helping. It’s a secret; but know that we admire her and we’re extremely thankful for her.

Based on Sarah’s overall participation, it’s clear that she’s making an impact and we’re very grateful. We can try to express our gratitude, but unfortunately even the best/most well-known LOVE LINES from classic movies can’t even convey how thankful we are and how much of an impact she’s been making on our organization and the children we reach around the world.

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