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Heating Up

“Across the country” is a common phrase almost everyone knows or has at least heard. We’re working to establish partnerships in all 50 states. Thanks to the contributions of several key groups, Cardz for Kidz! presses onward, closer and closer, to that goal—specifically through a our new partnership with the Arizona Burn Center in Phoenix, AZ. But, before we touch on delivering cards to AZ or NM, we’ll provide some background on what it’s been like sending cards out west.

If you visit our website,, you’ll find the history of our organization. One thing you’ll see is that we originally started in Chicago and several of our original hospitals are in the Midwest. Based on that, when you take a look behind the scenes – “100% Open and Honest” – you’ll see that dating back to 2010, the majority of the cards have been sent to children in the Midwest.

Now, the main difference is recently, we’ve been working on evening out our delivery and consistently reaching kids across North America. We’ve been focused on making some changes and have clearly seen some results this year:

Thankfully, we’ve continued to increase our presence out West. If you check out the map on our homepage, you’ll see several more smiles in California and Nevada. One of the main reasons is the production of the UBS Financial Services Inc. offices in Albuquerque & Santa Fe, NM and Phoenix & Tucson, AZ. Their offices made a total of 530 cards within two months—almost the amount made the entire third quarter of 2015 (Q3 2015).

Additionally, they more than returned the favor since there offices in New Mexico alone produced three times as many cards as we were able to send the kids impacted by the school shooting in Roswell, NM.

Due to UBS Financial Services Inc.’s dedication, especially during our non-peak time, we contacted the Arizona Burn Center, part of the Maricopa Integrated Health System in Phoenix, AZ, and sent them 100 homemade cards. Thankfully, they enjoyed these cards and now we will send them 200 cards each quarter!

Thankfully, we’ll continue to work to even out our delivery across North America. We know thanks to some steady partnerships, we’ll continue to work on our presence out West. We’ve sent some test packages and we feel the likelihood of even more partnerships are definitely HEATING UP.

To see more pictures and stories, please check out our, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram, visit our Google+page, or visit our LinkedIn page! Also, check out some of our videos on YouTube!

Delivery by Quarter, 2011 to 2016.


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