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Do The Math

Just like last week, we’re confined and we have to start off by telling the truth! Tough job! The two gentleman who helped get Cardz for Kidz! off the ground and are featured in one of our introductory videos are both marketing majors. Therefore, they’re BIASED! Similar to other folks, one of them was under the impression that when it came to people interested in business (e.g. marketing, finance, and accounting), marketing folks were the nice ones. If you check out the Participants tab on our website, you’ll see the logos for several renowned marketing or advertising agencies and/or organizations (e.g. Ogilvy, PHD, CIMA).

In Q3 2012, all of our cards came from either 5 different marketing/advertising agencies or people who made cards in their free time. Fast forward to present. Everything’s changed!

Recently, what opened our eyes is a completed a press release that we sent to a couple of news stations down in New Mexico. It was all about how UBS Financial Services helped produce 484 cards within one quarter. We took a deeper look and noticed that we’ve been getting a lot of cards from financial groups. Here are some examples:

Need more? Okay. The marketing bias in us may simply say ‘employees from General Motors global headquarters participated’, but to be honest, it was only a portion of their accounting department! It’s a stretch, but if you want, you could add on Quicken Loans, PLS and Capital One.

So, although we can try and stretch the truth and say, “Yeah, there may be some marketing folks who work at those large accounting/finance/economics firms who are starting it, we can DO THE MATH and understand that people in those mathematical professions care and give back just as much, if not more!” Thankfully, everyone can have fun joining in.

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