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Work Together

Thankfully more and more companies are encouraging their employees to get involved in the community. Multiple corporations go as far as having each office dedicate a day or afternoon to do some type of community service.

Actually that’s how we were able to pay for our website. PHD Chicago had their PHD Big Hug day where attendees had to pay a registration fee AND make a certain amount of cards in order to participate. #thankful

But something we’ve seen a couple times is companies getting multiple offices to simultaneously work “together.” One of the first companies to do this was Isobar. They had 3 or 4 different offices make cards. Then they used video conferencing so they could connect.

Turns out they had quality and quantity. Here’s a pic of the Top 10 cards from each office that made cards!

They actually had 4 of the Overall Top 10 cards that quarter (2 from New York and 2 from Chicago)!