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What Are You Doing?

During a recent trip to Chicago, we were chatting with a couple people on Amtrak on what they’re doing to give back and/or how they’re volunteering. Here are some of the responses we got:

  1. Gentleman in Gray Shirt with Black and Blue Shoes: “ummmm…this woman was stuck in the bathroom just a second ago and I helped her get out and unlock the door.”

  2. Tall Blonde Guy in Blue sweatshirt: “picked up a barbell off a kid’s chest who was trying to bench press 225 lbs.”

  3. Female PHD Candidate in Public Health: “I study the way people get sick based on the way society is set up and help out.”

  4. Young Lady Sitting Behind us in a Blanket: “Open my home for other Filipinos to come practice dancing, at the end of the year we have a big performance.”

  5. Lady from Flint in a Leather Jacket: “Work at a mental health clinic, I just make a little over minimal wage, so I feel like I give back on a daily basis. Trying to get this school situation stuff settled.”

We understand that not everyone is Mother Theresa and going to devote their lives to volunteering and giving back. With that in mind, one of the benefits of volunteering with Cardz for Kidz! is that it’s something that’s easy to start and has a flexible commitment. For example, after a long week of work, you can use some glitter glue and markers while watching your favorite show that weekend. OR, possibly talking to some of your immediate coworkers and making a couple cards doing lunch. Either way, every card helps and you know your cards are impacting children.

Then, if you ever get into a discussion with someone and they ask, WHAT ARE YOU DOING to give back to society?, you’ll have A LOT to say.

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