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We’ve Graduated

How? That’s a question we get a bunch. Usually it’s….

  1. How can we join in and make cards?

  2. How can my hospital start receiving cards?

  3. How do we get our logo on your site?

…but, for the very first time, we got a new question, how can I become an intern and help even more? Here’s a story from our new intern, Zachary Paez, about what inspired him to start helping Cardz for Kidz! in a new way.

A few years ago, after moving off to college, I started slowly suffering from more and more seemingly unrelated symptoms of an unknown illness. About a year and a half passed with no real understanding of what was happening, climaxing in a trip to the ER when blood work came back showing I had iron levels roughly a third of what they should be. From that point on I spent a lot of time checked into the hospital, having tests done and being laid up with my health continuing to deteriorate. Coming from an athletic background, this shift in my entire lifestyle was an immeasurably difficult issue with which to deal, but it was made more difficult by the sense of loneliness within the situation; Without even having my doctors know what was wrong with me I had no one to share in my troubles and no others going through the same situation. Fortunately, a diagnosis was reached before too much longer and I’ve slowly been able to wean away from the hospital, but the experience left me wanting to do something for people in similar situations. I switched my major with the intention to somehow give back to other people who have to spend time there, so the opportunity to work with Cardz for Kidz! is a fantastic opportunity and experience. A simple gesture from somebody to show you you’re not alone and that you’re thought of makes all the difference when you have to spend time in the hospital and to have them hand delivered to the children is something special.

The opportunity to work with and help such a caring organization means a lot to me personally.


We’re still shocked at how we’ve been growing! Just a couple years ago, we still spelled our name with S’s rather than Z’s. Less than 5 years ago, 100% of Cardz for Kidz!’s Facebook fans were friends of the founders.

But now, WE’VE GRADUATED from our early days and even have an intern who’s helping us impact more lives! Please let us know if you’re interested in helping out too.

Thanks to Zakk, we can’t wait to see all the fun stuff we’ll be able to showcase for 2016!


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