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We’ve Been Hiding

Once again we have some more honesty for you…..

We were working on some social posts and requesting that people look at the map on our homepage! While working on that Google map, we realized that it’s actually VERY misleading …sorry about that.

Screenshot taken on 1/13/17

First, without background information, you’d simply glance at the legend at the right and assume we simply worked with hospitals then made some shipments to ‘Special Destinations’. When we originally created those labels, we were strictly focsed on pediatric patients at small to midsize hospitals. Unfortunately, unlike other portions of the site (e.g. adding smiles to the map), updating the legend is a bit more difficult. We’ll work with some advisors and we’ll try to update that as soon as we can.

Second, there’s a lot that’s missing! To be “100% open and honest”, there should be WAY more green hearts on the map. For example, yes we have a hospital and a smile in Seattle, but we contacted five other places. Should all those hearts be on there? Then there are other locations alongside the East Coast that we decided to hold off on since we didn’t want to overshadow the locations we currently are partnering with, as well as our special deliveries. But as mentioned in one of our team members Facebook posts, shown below, it can be pretty tough to get in touch with the right person at the hospital, explain Cardz for Kidz!, and get them to confirm they’d like to consistently receive cards.

Finally, what