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We’re Still Hopeful

You know what? Since our founder is our president and is helping to expand the board even more, we’re going to follow his rules. We’re strictly going to focus on the positive because we can’t complain, #cantcomplain. We’ll stick with our pledge that all blog posts must be 100% open and honest. Let’s see if we can somehow work the two of those together! 😊

For some background, it’s now official. On July 24thwe’re having our 5th annual Pledge Allegiance event. How that works is that we’re trying to be creative and play on the July 4th Pledge of Allegiance to the flag mantra and express our loyalty to our kids. The key difference with this fundraiser is that we’re not only asking people to make set donation amounts, but we’re also asking them to make a pledge (e.g. we’ll donate $1 per card that’s made during the event). If we get enough attendees and donations, we’ll be able to reach more kids with cards and reward our hospitals/homes with something extra for being great partners. Here’s part of the flyer:

Allegiance (n): devotion or loyalty to a person, group, or cause

Please join us as we pledge our allegiance to disheartened children.

One thing that makes this event extra special is our dedication to kids who are stuck in their rooms. With that in mind, we’ve been reaching out to more hospitals/homes and now need over 8,000 cards for our disheartened children and solemn seniors around the world. That doesn’t even include our special one-time deliveries of over 1,000 cards. To put that in perspective, in Q2 2018 we needed just less than 5,000! With this Pledge Allegiance event we’re saying that we’re striving to get as many people to make cards as possible. With that intention, we’ll be able to reach all our recipients. As mentioned in a Facebook Live post, we made a promise and we’ll stick to it no matter what! In that promise we told any hospital/home that if they took pictures of their staff and/or children with their cards for 3 quarters in a row then we would purchase a new portable video game system for them. These systems are made to help entertain kids who are stuck in their rooms! We’ll be sure to find a way to recognize the groups who have helped us reward our locations.

Thankfully after the Facebook Live announcement we included notes to our partner hospital/homes and have already started making some donations. The number of pictures has started increasing! As the number of locations has risen, some may question how we’ll find the funds to cover the cost these units. Here are some pictures we’ve received since we included a note about those GO Karts in our letters.

Here are the details:

· Who’s Invited: EVERYONE! J

· What’s Happening: Cardz for Kidz! will have art supplies set up for people to make cards for children around the world. Every quality card made will help raise funds to help those children in our partner hospitals/shelters.

· When’s the Party: Wednesday, July 24th, from 6:00–9:00pm

· Where’s the Party: Moe’s Cantina, 155 W Kinzie, Chicago, IL

· Why You Should Help: Our #1 goal is to deliver as many quality cards as possible. For this fundraiser we’re asking supporters to pledge a card donation. So, each card made during the party will uplift the spirit of a child AND help raise funds for children around the world!

· How You Can Help: Attend the party and make a couple of cards and/or pledge to make a per card donation,

Being honest, but no complaining! 😊 Here’s a Facebook Live post from a prior event – Link Here.





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