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That’s Not Fair

We decided that it was time to modify our new verb. Now we’ll simply call it Stream (-ing, -ed, -s). For example, we could say “that group has been streaming it!” As we highlighted in our blog post New Definition, that verb refers to a group that consistently makes cards every quarter without us requesting that they do so. The group with the most consecutive quarters started with Arrowstream, which is the group that actually sparked the verb. Mindshare followed, and is currently with Millward Brown.

Why, you might ask? As always, we’re going to be 100% open and honest. As discussed in the blog post, Working Together, and as you can see below, Millward Brown had multiple offices across the United States making cards together.

And, we received a set of cards made by their offices in Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala!

That’s a total of nearly 10 different offices in 4 different countries that have made cards!!!

“THAT’S CHEATING” is what some groups may think. Understood. Mindshare AND Arrowstream set their records of 5+ quarters with simply one office! But we have to say one benefit of Millward Brown is they’ve been able to inspire several offices to make cards – even though the cards may not be delivered to children in their cities. So while other groups may look at MB’s record and say ‘THAT’S NOT FAIR’, we’re just simply amazed at how they’ve worked together to produce smiles!!!

Stream – Independently hosting Cardz for Kidz! events without any member of the organization checking in to see if they are still interested and/or requesting cards for a special event.

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