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Test the Results

I’m desperate. Whenever I get into this phase I open up a bit and try sharing my story. Like the time when we weren’t receiving enough cards. That’s when I first opened up and explained to everyone why I can never complain – #cantcomplain.

Then we weren’t getting pictures and people were questioning why we were purchasing the entertainment systems, so I did the Facebook Live during my least favorite test to illustrate why I’m so passionate and one reason – #everycardcounts. Now with this one it’s a bit different. I’m using my personal story and a recent test to TRY and change one of the themes we’ve been getting from your cards.

I shared the detailed story on my personal Facebook page a little after I got the results, but I’ll give a summary here.

In summary, I got brain surgery in 2005 to remove scar tissue that was “causing” me to have 15+ seizures a day. Over a decade of tests, different neurologists, and a variety of medicines (one of my pharmaceutical companies has made cards), things began to settle down. Often late at night while working on Cardz for Kidz stuff, I watch movies or shows to stay awake. One evening I watched the movie Brain on Fire, where the main character goes through a series of tests and they determine her own body is attacking her brain (click the title of the movie for a link to trailer to get more details). The following day my neurologist contacts me and tells me that they want to bring me in for a spinal tap and further tests since I may have that same condition. Was my brain surgery, medication, and all the tests now… worthless?

I’m breathing, so I can’t complain