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Take Action

Bitterness. Rivalry. Competition. Warfare. Destruction. All of these terms are consistently expressed these days.

If you want to see where things currently stand in the world, it’s easy. Just pick whichever news source you’d like and you can find some information that completely contradicts other sources and further fuels your passion. People can now actively spread their feelings, which range from simple bitterness to destructive thoughts through a variety of social channels (e.g. Facebook, YouTube, blogs). These views can range from attacks on politicians on both sides of the aisle, teachers’ impact, religious leaders’ views and many other contentious topics. Although we definitely agree in freedom of speech and believe it’s important for people to be knowledgeable, we also believe it’s important for people to give back.

It often seems that people spend so much time and energy on negative posts that they forget to actually help improve the world we live in. As the saying goes, “Don’t talk about it, be about it.”

There are many reasons for why/how people hold their views, which oftentimes leads people to express their frustration and complain. Now our question is, what actions are people taking to make a positive impact on the less fortunate? One example of that less fortunate group is disheartened children, primarily pediatric patients across the globe.

In our opinion, it’d be great if people at least opened up a box of markers and card stock paper while they watch CNN/Fox News and while also preparing for their next set of social posts and/or blogs. In summary, we’d love it if all of us, no matter what disagreements we have, would join together and TAKE ACTION to uplift the spirits of innocent children. We certainly CAN all agree on this: They don’t deserve to be in the conditions they’re currently working to overcome.

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