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Still Important

“We work with corporate groups all the time who want to make things for our kids and we don’t usually accommodate anyone who isn’t an existing donor.” ––[Redacted], from [Redacted] nonprofit. For their sake we’re not going to say their name or state which nonprofit they represent.

For some background, we recall we were talking to someone from a larger nonprofit and they were discussing how they were a bit disappointed and/or shocked how some groups request participating, but weren’t financially giving enough. For example, they wanted to volunteer their time, but weren’t donating thousands of dollars. Since that organization has a lot of overhead costs and gives away a lot of gifts, groups or individuals who don’t make significant monetary donations just aren’t as important.

With us, it’s completely different. So yes, we do try to have an annual fundraiser where we tried to raise thousands so we could purchase additional gifts and toys for the children at our hospitals. But to be honest, only ONE group who has their logo up on our Participants tab made a pledge for that fundraiser––special thanks to our buddies at Teads. In fact, UBS is one of the only groups who has made several financial contributions and has allowed us to fully recognize them on our site.

Although when a group goes above and beyond, we just have to say something––what’s most important is that we’re getting cardsnot just bringing in large monetary donations. One of the reasons why is that everyone who “works” at Cardz for Kidz! does so during their “free time!”

We were watching a news channel exclusive report, a couple months ago, and learned about a charity that went to an extreme with its fundraising. In summary, they raised funds and told their donors they were giving patients special boxes, but actually weren’t giving them much at all! Please check out this link to video about the Cancer Charity. Now, after watching that, please understand, your contributions are different here. We use your funds to purchase video game systems, DVD players, and ship cards across the globe. Finally