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Solemnly Swear

  1. ‘Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help you God?’

  2. ‘I do’

With this post we’re giving away the punchline in the beginning, but we’re making a promise… That we might regret later! We promise that we’ll post pictures on at least one of our social sites of the cards that we receive from the different groups and/or independent artists. Seeing it from our perspective, we get thousands of cards each quarter. Often people don’t sign their names on the cards and the vast majority of people do not sign what group they’re a part of, but no matter what we’ll try. Here’s a special situation.

Originally the purpose of posting the Top 10 cards per event was to help us remember where the cards came from. Since we make a big deal about inviting the top artists to come to Lurie Children’s Hospital to play games with patients, after the judge selected the OVERALL Top 10 we could just look through our Top 10 cards per event album on Facebook and find those cards. Then we contact our point person and work to get a hold of those artists.

Now, based on our promise, we can work together to make sure those pictures have a dual meaning. First, as mentioned, we’ll be able to find the artists at the end of the quarter. Second, for your sake, you’ll be able to tell if the person running your event actually sent the cards, Seal the Deal.

Thankfully, we saw some pictures people posted on Instagram and other sites about their cards. We double checked our records and noticed that we never got cards from that group. Then there’s another time where we recall we checked in with a group because we happened to be in the area. They confirmed they happened to have just made some cards. Turns out it was 150+ cards that were for a holiday that passed a couple months ago.