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Shipped All Around

We’ve highlighted a couple of times when someone, or a particular group, has done something that’s never been done before. For example, we created a new verb and highlighted when another group was approaching it. We then let everyone know when a group changed our minds about being perfect, #perfectionschecklist. Schneider is one of these groups who’s done something a bit different. Something arguably even more spectacular.

What’s the keyword here: arguably or spectacular? They both play a major role. It’s not 100% agreed upon, but it’s also important that it’s spectacular. While we’re not huge into baseball, we think it’d be something like, what’s more spectacular – an in-the-park home run OR a grand slam? To do some research, we asked a few people on the train where it was quickly debated.

“Well, you have to be very fast.”

“First you’d have to get everyone on base.”

The overall skills vs. the amount of points. In our opinion, what Schneider has done is as valuable and rare as getting an ‘in-the-park grand slam.’ If there even is such a thing.

First Base. Coming to the Chicago Volunteer Expo and making cards. Although there were hundreds of nonprofits at the Chicago Volunteer Expo (CVE), many stopped by to make some cards for our kids. We’re sure the CVE team is thankful too since Schneider is helping them move up a level on our site!