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Refined Intervention

Since we know we’re always asking people not to write ‘Get Well Soon’ and/or make religious comments on their cards, we’ll do the same with this blog post. Or maybe it’d be better to say at least we’ll try not to make any of those comments. This one will be a bit difficult. We may be thinking of something, but we won't refer to it.

Whenever we talk about the beginning of Cardz for Kidz! and its growth, we highlight how it was “accidentally started on purpose.” What we mean is that some of the baseline people purposefully started the organization but didn’t intentionally strive for it to grow to where we’d need cards in 10+ languages and send them around the world. As our organization expanded, the team wondered how we could get some of the essential assistance we’d been praying (sorry), pleading for. We’ve been telling our children, families and seniors how worthy they are and have been promising our partner contacts that we’d get them cards in ANY language they needed. Unfortunately, it seems like most groups send 90%+ of their cards strictly in English, though we have several locations here in the United States that want a minimum of 50% of their cards in another language. Additionally, around the holidays (e.g. Christmas or Valentine’s Day), 70% of the cards are focused on that holiday AND in English. With that math, it’s MUCH harder for us to reach our partner in Minnesota who strictly wants cards in Somali and Spanish. Or our partner in Illinois who wants 85% of their cards in Spanish. Or the partner in Washington who wants cards in any of these languages: Korean, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Filipino, and Russian.