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Photo To Finish

What’s the call?! Looks like the refs will have to go to instant replay to make sure they get the correct call.

“After reviewing the play, the call on the field is confirmed.”

Some people who watch sports may know what’s being touched on above. Instant Replay is when there’s a call that’s being challenged. Referees (and fans) watch the play repeatedly to make sure everything is correct. There’s even the phrase ‘photo finish’ that refers to officials needing to revert to photographs or replays to determine the outcome.

Now what do all these sports phrases have to do with a nonprofit giving back to kids? We’d like to be able to prove one of our hashtags, #volunteeringisfun, is right even if people went back and replayed the process. We know there’s a hippo in the room, but we do our best to post pictures of how much fun the kids are having when they receive t