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Photo To Finish

What’s the call?! Looks like the refs will have to go to instant replay to make sure they get the correct call.

“After reviewing the play, the call on the field is confirmed.”

Some people who watch sports may know what’s being touched on above. Instant Replay is when there’s a call that’s being challenged. Referees (and fans) watch the play repeatedly to make sure everything is correct. There’s even the phrase ‘photo finish’ that refers to officials needing to revert to photographs or replays to determine the outcome.

Now what do all these sports phrases have to do with a nonprofit giving back to kids? We’d like to be able to prove one of our hashtags, #volunteeringisfun, is right even if people went back and replayed the process. We know there’s a hippo in the room, but we do our best to post pictures of how much fun the kids are having when they receive the cards, #intheroom. Here are some examples:

Even so, when we connect with new groups and they ask, “Why should we host an event?” We try to highlight how we do have partnerships with hospitals/homes around the world so they’re making a local/global impact AND they’re doing it in a fun and efficient way. They’re using glitter glue, magazines and card stock to encourage disheartened children when they need it the most. We tried to make sure when we created our videos that we included all phases of the process: People making cards, posing with the finished product, staff holding the cards, and kids/families posing with the artwork.

  1. Happy – YouTube Link

  2. Smiles – YouTube Link

Now, when groups reach out can we 100% promise they’ll have fun? Not really, but almost. If you look closely, you’ll see that some of those videos have pictures that are a bit outdated. One of the reasons why is that hosting an event is a bit toomuch fun. Often the people who are leading the event have so much fun making the cards and connecting with other attendees, they forget to take pictures throughout the event. Understandable.

If people/potential new groups are questioning just how much fun volunteering is, we couldn’t quantify it. If you look at our Pledge Allegiance or other events when we’re there you’ll often see there’s a lot of pictures of attendees throughout the process and a lot of fun collages, #cardzWITHkidz, #pledgeallegiance. Here are some examples:

With all this in mind, just like professional referees who’ve been trained at their jobs for years often need a camera to make the final judgement on the big play, we’ll need your help. Whether it’s a large corporate event or simply a couple of friends getting together to make some cards, we need for your team to take several pictures throughout your event and send them to us so we can have a PHOTO TO FINISH helping us prove that volunteering is fun and new attendees should join in! Please feel free to send those pics to

To see more pictures and stories, please check out our website; like us on Facebook; follow us on Twitter and Instagram; visit our LinkedIn page! Also, check out some of our videos on YouTube!


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