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Perfection’s Definition

“Only God is perfect.”

It’s been interesting these days. I’ve been told the reason I’m still single is because I’m just too picky and that the perfect woman doesn’t exist. I’ve been thinking about this a lot, so I went to the people I see the most often for some advice — the ladies at the post office! I got differing opinions. The Wicker Park post office told me that I spend too much time with this organization and that I shouldn’t mention it until the third date. The ladies downtown were saying it was a good thing.

I checked with a board member, who has 50+ years working with kid and is a former diabetes educator of the year by the American Diabetes Association (and is the reason I fell in love with supporting kids), also known as MY MOM, about looking for perfection and she provided the quote above. That’s some insight. We had an in-depth discussion during our car ride to Georgia!

I still think the ladies who got upset that I dedicate so much time to Cardz for Kidz wouldn’t work out in the long term, but that’s something I’ll keep in mind. There are a couple of other obvious dealbreakers, but I’ll avoid those here (sorry, breaking the rule of 100% open and honest just this once 😉).

So, based on the insight I got during the drive down to Georgia, it makes me wonder… I know my future fiancé may not be perfect, but does the lack of perfection roll into other things as well? I had an interview for a borderline perfect job. Some cards seem to be perfect. Then again, there’s at least one group who seems to be right on the cusp of flawless as well. Please let me know what you think.

Yes, we did name our current logo Alex, after Alexis, since she’s been our dream girl. Then we did share some Love Lines for Sarah and how she’s made, and is making, a difference. A group, Sovos, has been ideal. It’s just this one is a bit different. Dream, love, or perfection? The Card Ladies in Florida, come close to the latter.

Before we start to describe to you why we’d like for them to introduce themselves to you, Great Nonprofits Video Review. Here are some of the key points for their contributions:

  • Artwork: No matter if they’re one of our custom cards OR some cards that are made for a broad donation, their cards are always amazing. We have so many artists who simply try to mass produce cards, but with these ladies make each card intricately and distinctly

  • Awareness. They’ve been spreading the word and telling friends, group members, and other individuals about our organization. Since we don’t have a media budget, this type of promotion is essential. They even held events with some children in their neighborhood which helped us get many more cards.

  • Donations. They mail checks with a lot of their packages of cards. This covers the shipping of their cards and helps us reach hundreds of people across the globe. I do my best to cash these in person each time, so now there’s a personal relationship with the bankers and we’ve encouraged them to make cards.

  • No Strings Attached. The trust is already built up with these artists. Although they’re making a BUNCH of custom cards for us, they don’t reach out to us consistently to see if we received the package. We simply post it on our social posts like normal and that’s sufficient for these sisters.

  • Socially Active. That refers to both terms of the phrase. Thankfully, they've been engaging in a variety of ways. This ranges from sharing some of our social posts to answering people’s questions within our Facebook group.

  • Increased Credibility. I’ve been working hard to get some type of news coverage since that will allow companies and groups to know that we’re not just a small organization. It would inspire more people to get involved in many ways. While waiting for that coverage, we’ve been using reviews and comments to highlight our positive impact. Thankfully, the Card Ladies have written multiple reviews for us on the site Great Nonprofits which is linked to our website.

The Card Ladies have been contributing in such a variety of ways it’s so hard to classify them with just one word. They’ve gone from simply impressing me to helping me expand my imagination and my vocabulary. I’m going to listen to my mom’s input when it comes to dating, but when it comes to contributions to this nonprofit and perfection, I may have to rethink PERFECTION’S DEFINITION since the Card Ladies are awfully close.

To see more pictures and stories, please check out the rest of our site, like us on Facebook; follow us on Twitter and Instagram; visit our LinkedIn page! Also, check out some of our videos on YouTube!


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