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On Their Resume

Kind of impressive…..

  1. Independently planned and launched a fundraising event for Cardz for Kidz, a local certified non-profit organization that impacts hospitalized and/or traumatized children. Event successfully raised nearly $7,000 and those funds were instrumental in helping the organization create their website,

  2. Initiated and led a new service event where 6+ offices across the nation worked “together” to impact disheartened children; due to impact on the community and improved employee morale, received documented recognition from global executives.

  3. Successfully created and led a new company wide community service event where employees created impactful cards for disheartened children across the globe; initial events produced over 250 cards.

  4. Volunteered to edit blog posts and advise Cardz for Kidz, a certified non-profit, on social media and search engine optimization strategies.

  5. Designed custom handmade cards for disheartened children across the nation; based on the effort and intricacy, card was voted the #1 card out of the 1,927 cards Cardz for Kidz received in Q2 2015.

  6. Independently planned and executed office wide community involvement days; events improved employee morale and within a year the Norwalk office created over 100 cards for disheartened children across the globe. Based on effort was flown out to Chicago to meet with global executives and interact with pediatric patients.

  7. Independently planned and executed campus wide community involvement days; events improved student morale and within a year my organization created over 100 cards for disheartened children across the globe. In addition, based on the effort and dedication, I was able to get my school officially recognized on the Cardz for Kidz! website alongside other world-renown universities and corporations.

Did you start a Cardz for Kidz! event at work or in your free time? If so, did you put it on your resume? As you can see folks can write some impressive stuff! From what we know of those individuals, they started events due to their interest in helping children. But, as we touched on in a prior post, Right Results, for us, it’s not as important WHY people launch Cardz for Kidz! events, rather the results of those events – uplifted spirits. Thankfully, we got the best of both worlds with those leaders.

OK, so we’re impressed by the individuals who start events with their groups and it looks great on their resume or LinkedIn profile, but we’re also amazed by the companies that proudly participate. Especially since we’re still such a small non-profit…very few people have heard of us.

Therefore, we’re thankful when companies agree to let us put their logo on our site, pose and send pics for a Facebook album, or any other way we’ve designed to recognize groups. On top of that, we’re grateful these companies purchase art supplies for their employees and pay for shipping the cards to us. It’s clear, similar to some of the individuals we quoted above, they’re investing their time to uplift the disheartened children, rather than simply trying to improve THEIR “RESUME”.

p.s. Please visit our website,, if you’re interested in starting an event with your group….and yes it’ll look nice on your resume! J

#OnTheirResume #UpliftingSpirits To see more pictures and stories please check out our website, like us on Facebook page, follow us on Twitter , visit our Google+ page, or visit our LinkedIn page! Also, check out some of our videos on YouTube!


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