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Now is the Time

Based on what happened last year, Q4 2016, we’re going to consistently place reminders on social media, reach out to our contacts, and are writing this blog post in order to prevent that situation from happening again. First, let’s start on a positive note. THANK YOU! We’ve already started receiving some Christmas cards. These are from people who are not waiting until the last minute! And so far, we only received one set of holiday cards after Halloween or Thanksgiving. Please keep up the good work.

Now here’s the other side. In our blog post, Best Nightmare, we wrote about how we got a BUNCH of holiday cards, specifically Christmas cards, either right before Christmas or even after the holiday. As noted in that post, receiving cards is ALWAYS a GREAT thing; however, the timing was less than ideal. Therefore, our goal this year is to get everyone to send ALL of their holiday-specific cards at least three (3) weeks before the actual holiday. If you’re hosting an event in mid-December, it’ll be tough, but just encourage everyone to write non-seasonal and/or “Happy New Year” themed cards.

As highlighted in the prior post, our founder went around on Christmas Day and delivered holiday cards to some shelters in the Atlanta area. That worked out since he was living with family and the cards were shipped to that location. The tough part is our mailing address is now in Chicago, so cards that we don’t receive well before the holidays won’t be received until after the holidays.

But we understand that it’s definitely much more fun to make cards while everyone’s in the holiday spirit! In the past we highlighted how Today’s Special. And today, we’re just stressing to all the groups who are considering making cards this quarter that NOW’S THE TIME to make the cards rather than waiting until mid-December. We—more importantly, the children— definitely appreciate your help!

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