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No Thanks Needed

Here we go again….starting another blog post with more 100% honesty. Here’s an explanation of why the folks behind the scenes of Cardz for Kidz! put the work in…..return on investment. We work to make sure it’s VERY EASY for anyone and everyone to participate. We guarantee the hospitals we’ll double check EACH AND EVERY card we receive (11,089 as of 3/4/14) so all they’ll have to do is open the package and hand it to a child. Then we make sure the participants know it’s 100% FREE to participate. And, if they make cards, they can get their logo up on our site for some free PR and recognition. To try and ease the process, when we designed the website we worked with the developers to make sure potential participants could download everything they’d need, We had a discussion about how it’s okay if they make it so the Helpful Info, Supplies and Reminders were all PDFs, but it’s a must that the Slideshow can be downloaded into a PowerPoint with one click! Although we’ve put in a bunch of work to ease the process, we’re always looking for ways to make it easy and effective for people to make AND receive cards.

We’re perfectly satisfied with doing all that work and remaining behind the scenes based on the “return on investment”…..seeing hundreds of smiles! Although it’s tricky to notice because we’re always the ones holding the camera in all the pics on Facebook, thankfully we’ve been there to experience each and every smile by each child and every “artist”. We feel seeing those hundreds of smiles, receiving pics from global destinations, and receiving the thank you cards makes it clear we’re appreciated and our investments are worth it!

So, now does it make sense why we’re willing to travel and put in a BUNCH of time??? Hope so. Now, we’ll need you to help us understand why these guys were NOT disappointed. Here’s an introduction to the last three “artists” who came to make cards at Lurie: