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Every quarter Cardz for Kidz!promises each hospital/shelter we partner with that we’ll send them a certain amount of cards. For some hospitals, based on our room to room requirement and their size, they’ve requested that we send them less than their overall hospital capacity. Some smaller hospitals updated us that they often don’t have many long term patients and have high turnover. Based on that they asked if once every 3 months, we could send more cards than they have beds.

In addition, to those preset hospital destinations we often make multiple special deliveries. This is highlighted in our mission statement.

Cardz for Kidz!is an organization dedicated to uplifting the spirits of hospitalized and/or traumatized children across the globe by delivering inspiring homemade cards.

Here are some examples of the some traumatized children we reached out to:

Thanks to you we even received some documented gratitude from a couple of those places.

Here are two things in common between all of those delivery locations:

  1. Children were put in HORRIBLE conditions that they could not control

  2. They all had at least one newspaper article or webpage explaining the tragedy

We are going to continue to keep our ears open for those type of situations, but we will continue to make sure that kids, who may not be going through a situation that’s on the front page of multiple newspapers, are still positively impacted by your cards.

Although it may not be discussed on CNN, USA Today or other news stations, we feel that each disheartened child is NEWSWORTHY and we’d love to send independent homemade cards.

Please reach out to info@cardzforkidz.orgif you know a child you’d like for us to make a special delivery for.

To see more pictures and stories please check out our website, like us on Facebook page, follow us on Twitter , visit our Google+ page, or visit our LinkedIn page! Also, check out some of our videos on YouTube!


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