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Most Valuable Groups

Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Have you ever heard that term before? If not, just ask anyone in digital marketing or who runs a strong website and they should be able to tell you all about it. Or just search the letters SEO and you’ll see all types of paid listings and paid posts since that is what many companies are trying to focus on these days.

In addition, SEO is on the top of our minds since a member of our team recently listened in on a digital workshop about SEO.

What’s interesting is that if you look at the chart above a couple of those logos OR parent companies are on our site, For example, we have Google in the Diamond section. Verizon Media, who owns Yahoo, is in the Gold section. Microsoft, who owns Bing, is also a Gold participant.

One key point from that SEO workshop was how all major search engines use different variables and formulas to rank sites. The only thing is that no one outside those companies really knows the complete formula. The teacher highlighted how there have been many changes, but no one, even within companies (e.g. Google), knows exactly how the system weighs the different variables. People may know some characteristics, but not all of them or how valuable they are. To test the secrecy, we reached out to some of our contacts at Google and SEO experts to see if they knew the secret formula.

With this being a blog post, we must be 100% open and honest. Originally, we reached out to some contacts at Google and different search companies to see if we could quote them for this post. One contact told us, after having reviewed some internal documents, that this information was such a secret that they weren’t even allowed to say that they didn’t know because it was a secret. A secret’s secret?! Another usually responsive contact never responded. Literally – no comment. When we heard from one search expert outside of the Google walled garden they stated, “It’s a long axx explanation. Let’s get a drink and talk about it.” At this point, we’ll have to keep our fingers crossed that you trust us enough to understand that the Google SEO formula is top-secret.

Since we have search companies joining in on the conversation, we figured we’d create our own formula on how to rate the overall value of our participants. Once again, based on the secrecy, we’re not sure how the current search companies do it, but we created our own tool by grouping some metrics and weighed them in various ways. Here’s a raw unsorted listing of SOME of the key characteristics for how we evaluated our most valuable groups:

  • making/amount of cards

  • making consistent donations/fundraising

  • loyalty – making cards consistently

  • behind the scenes volunteering

  • providing their logo for our site

  • being on the board