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March Gladness

We’ve created a few flyers and images, but we decided to put together this short blog post to provide some more information on our March Gladness tournament.

Process and Guidelines:

  1. Students, faculty and/or alumni can work together to host events or make cards independently throughout the month of March.

  2. Cardz for Kidz! will tally every card that’s received between  March 1st and April 30th that meets the following guidelines:

  3. Cards are signed with the artists’ first name and SCHOOL.

  4. Cards do not say ‘Get Well Soon’ or anything else referring to the children’s condition(s).

  5. If there’s a tie in the amount of cards received, Cardz for Kidz! will set up a poll where all fans can pick to see which school has the BEST Top 10 cards.

  6. School that has the highest combination of quantity and quality gets crowned the NATIONAL CHAMPION!


  1. Bragging rights!

  2. Since this is open to all universities you’ll be able to claim you’re #1.

  3. Lasting impact!

  4. The university who’s our “NATIONAL CHAMPION” gets to select which city, or at least state, Cardz for Kidz! reaches out to partner with next.

In summary, how it works is that we’re going to have one overall competition to see which university can produce the most quality cards. The winner will help us decide which hospital or shelter we partner with next!



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