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Love for All

During some recent visits to the hospitals, we learned some parents are put in a tough spot. We’re not 100% sure what we’d do, so we’d love to get your opinions.

We had a harder time finalizing everything during our most recent Cardz WITH Kidz event. The problem is that, at this time of year, no volunteers can come in to the hospital without having their flu shot. That definitely narrows down the number of people who are able to make cards and meet the hospital’s requirement to interact with their patients.

OK, so it’s tough for us to get the correct volunteers, but the parents’ situation is even more difficult. One of the guidelines is that no other children are allowed to go up to the patients’ room during flu season. So parents have a choice: look into watching the siblings and no longer help with the patient OR search to find a babysitter.

During our Cardz WITH Kidz in December, we saw A LOT of families who were battling with that decision. Only once before did we have a situation where our “artists” didn’t work with kids in the playroom; Mindshare’sspecial event in August 2013.

During the event with the Q3 2015 top artists, since there weren’t many patients in the playroom, we worked with our 3 attendees – Amanda, Jen and Nicole – to help some of the families who weren’t able to go upstairs. Thankfully these three artists helped us purchase toys and art supplies then set up a LONG table for all the families to play together.

Special thanks, although we could only get a picture of our artists with the classic firetruck (not the families they made smile), we’re thankful they were willing to donate their time and show some LOVE FOR ALL the children who are impacted by the patients’ condition.

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