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League of Their Own

As always, we want to be 100% open and honest. Here’s some background on how we laid out and labeled our website. If you check out our “Participants” tab, we originally decided that participants would be grouped into Silver (anyone who makes a card), Gold (100+ cards), and Platinum (500+ cards). We created this breakout since it didn’t seem the title “Bronze” was valuable enough for amazing cards. We were thinking that Gold was good, but people could potentially make more, so we created the Platinum for those that created 500+ cards.

Then, we were discussing things with the web designers and thought, ‘What if there’s a group out there who can make 1000+ cards?’ At the time, that was hard to believe since only a couple groups had even made more than 100 cards and we were ASTONISHED when Cervantes Kids held a large event and reached 561 total cards!!!

Here’s a breakout we sent to the developers back in Q1 2014.

Thinking about it, we decided we should create an even higher level. The only thing we could think of that’s more valuable than Platinum was DIAMOND. After we created the layout there were even more internal discussions. Some of the board members felt that the DIAMOND section should be down at the bottom of that page since NO ONE was going to get there in a LOOOOOONNNGGGG time. They felt people would simply glance at the page, think nothing was on it, and move on. Some of us kept our fingers crossed and thought what if!!

Thankfully, some of us were wrong. Kforce joined in full force. We were astonished with their results and made sure to note that in our last participation video, in Q1 2014, Cervantes Kids’ 350+ cards in a quarter was record setting, but Kforce’s 675 in Q2 2014 smashed that record.

Plus, they’ve consistently been making large groups of cards.

For a second, we were a bit scared we lost them. Our original contact at Kforce no longer worked for the company. We’ve seen that happen a BUNCH of times – our main contact leaves and although EVERYONE LOVES making cards, that group’s participation stops. Not with Kforce. Not only did they keep making cards, but they also taught their kids that making cards is important too!!! J

All in all, thankfully participation has grown and we’ve had multiple groups make 500+ cards, but so far Kforce is in a LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN because they’re the only logo up in our DIAMOND section!

p.s. If you don’t believe us about them being the first logo up there just let us know! We can show you ALLLLL the emails back and forth with the web developers trying to figure out why we couldn’t get a logo to stay up there! 🙂

To see more pictures and stories please check out our website, like us on Facebook page, follow us on Twitter , visit our Google+ page, or visit our LinkedIn page! Also, check out some of our videos on YouTube!


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