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Recently we finalized all the 501(c)(3) paperwork and want to provide “performance” stats to potential donors. Although there are many financial characteristics and acronyms to measure success (i.e. NI, EBITDA, NPV, OC), we’re going to analyze our “performance” with digital statistics. And let’s be honest, two of the founders worked at digital agencies so these calculations come natural! J

All of these statistics are as of October 1, 2013.

  1. Cost Per Card (CPC): $0.35, although with our key expenses (i.e. shipping, 501(c)(3) application fees, art supplies) totaled well over $1,500, with your help we’ve been able to produce a total of 4,419 cards.

  1. Cost Per Like (CPL): $3.87, with the total cost divided by the 425 fans on our Facebook page.

  2. Q3 Cost Per 1,000 Impressions (CPM): $15.44, simply focused on the 49,442 page views on Facebook in Q3, with the total cost in Q3, $763.

  3. Q3 Chat Thru Rate (CTR): 0.45%, 221 People talking about the page divided by the total page views of 49,442.

Return on Investment (ROI) calculations….

We tried to figure out who benefits the most, or gets the highest ROI from Cardz for Kidz!.


Our survey participants think the patients benefit the most from this process (survey results). That may be TRUE! Based on the BRIGHTsmiles, it’s clear that the kids are AMAZED. They’re thankful the person coming in with a gown has an inspirational quote, rather than test equipment or medicine.


Then again, on the blog sparked by a DePaul Alumni event, we saw that one participant said, “It was so fun to make a card that would make a child feel like a rock star,” shares Colleen Moodie (CMN ’11). “Each card is one of a kind—just like the kids who received them.” Clearly participants have a HIGH ROI as well.

Families and Staff.

But while reviewing the quotes from the families and Child Life team, they’re receiving a significant return as well!! As you can see in this pic of a sibling and a participant, it’s clear that the entire family is having fun.

Conclusion. With those details its clear….. Cardz for Kidz! is a win, win, win, win….situation

Although we can distinctly calculate the overall costs associated with participating and running this organization, what’s most important, the overall RETURN of HAPPINESS, is IMMEASURABLE.

To see more comments and learn about events check out our Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter @cardzforkidz


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