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Had To Say Something

It’s interesting. There are some groups who LOVE having their logos up on our website. Then when we post something on our social sites they like and/or repost/retweet it. As we’re growing and driving more people to our website, we love the fact that people can see some of the groups who’ve donated their time and resources to impact disheartened children across the globe. In our eyes, putting their logo up on our website, creating a Facebook album, and recognizing them across our other social sites is the least we can do. For the most part, it’s a win-win. Everyone loves to see we’re recognizing their hidden creativity and caring AND we appreciate their dedication.

Now, please notice how we said, “some groups who LOVE”, which means there are others who don’t. There was one group when we originally were starting to put together our site, who stated that it would be too long of a process to get their global brand’s permission to put their OFFICIAL logo on our site. These days a logo means a lot. You’ll see that if we don’t get permission we often try to write in text similar to that group’s actual logo so you can glance and know who it is. Here are some examples: