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Correct Equation

WE GOT IT! After nearly a decade of analysis, we have discovered the secret formula. We’ve been working diligently as a team to use our experience with Cardz for Kidz operations and data analysis.

Based on that experience, we learned this formula:

1 + 1 = CARDS

That’s it! Okay, one may not understand what the ones stand for, so we’ll explain it by laying out the formula a bit differently.

  1 Group +1 Individual                            Participating in Cardz for Kidz

If that still does not highlight our detailed analytics, we’ll provide more background information to resolve any confusion.

As we all know, 1+0 does NOT equal 2 and neither does 0+1. You need both. What we’ve learned over the years is that it’s the same with our organization. We created a new verb, “Stream”, to define how groups consistently host events without our team needing to reach out to them. We would highlight how groups were ‘Streaming It.’

We haven’t heard from one of our main point of contacts in years. There have been MANY times when our main point of contact left a hospital/home and new contacts stepped in. Often, they don’t respond or reach out and say they don’t want to receive cards anymore. No more 1+1.

Then it goes the other way, too. There are people working within a group and they are so passionate. We had one of our first contacts at a hospital who told us we could send them as many cards as we wanted, and they would personally go put them on all the food trays if they had to make sure the cards went room to room. There was another contact at a company who got their coworkers to help in every possible way. Both of those individuals switched employers and we haven’t heard from them again. No more 1+1.

Of course, there may be a few slight exceptions, but that’s usually the case. Usually. For example, during a trip to visit our friends at the late-night post office in Chicago we passed through University Village and started thinking. There is potentially one group who has proved that 0+1 or 1+0 can equal cards and that’s the University of Illinois Chicago. Plus, they’re doing it in a variety of ways.